Hey luvs.

Its Friday I know 😀 I am about to do some protein treatment and while I am at it, I thought it wise to to a quick length check.

Excuse my lighting lol I will probably do a better one before doing a protective style.

Castor oil challenge is about to start in less than a week..are you joining me ?

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.08 #2

I think that is bra strip length or nah ? 😛

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.06

Right hand side

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.07

What ever that is 🙂

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.05

the front.

If you are interested in knowing  how I make my home made protein treatment comment below and will make it happen.

And yes due to my shedding, I have spend the last few days doing some research and I found some recommendations that I will be trying out. I will keep you updated on my progress as well 🙂

My next goal is to grow thicker hair, lets see how that goes.

For any question leave a comment 🙂

Have a blessed weekend.

Love always

– Jay



Hey luvs.

Hope your weekend was awesome.

I had me a wash day today, and being that my hair is really getting thin from all the sew-in I think I am going to lay off for some time and see. I will try doing  some wash and go and other protective style with my hair. I might also do some box braid but I’m not sure yet so we will see. I just have to find out why my is thinning out and having so much shedding.

Bilde tatt 19.10.14 kl. 14.55

This is my wash n go and I’m loving it.

Bilde tatt 19.10.14 kl. 14.16 #3

It wasn’t dry but I don’t curr lol

Happy new week.


– Jay

Jamaican Black Castor Oil ( JBCO)

Heey Luvs 🙂

Been a minute since my last post I know, I’ve been very busy.

But yeah we are in the middle of October now and the temperature is getting colder by the minute, as I posted before winter is the time for heavy products and I love using my Castor Oil. I planed on start a castor oil challenge from the 01.11.14 until…. well when I see sun again haha.

The time is getting closer and guess what ???

My bottles of Castor oil got in today..yeey… and I’m so excited. Just in time that I’m about to take down my protective style. 😀

Bilde tatt 15.10.14 kl. 15.08

This is the brand I’m going to be using. Details on how I intend to apply it will be updated later, when I have enough time on hand.  Lets just say every hair product I use from november on through out the winter will be mix with castor oil, oil rinse, hot oil treatment etc.

If you wish to join me, you are welcome to use any brand of your choice. For any questions feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Bilde tatt 15.10.14 kl. 15.08 #2

Until next time..Stay blessed.

Love always



Hey loves 🙂

I’ve had a lot of questions coming my way about my hair type, and how my hair look like when its wet and my wash day.

So I thought to my self that it would be nice to make a post about it before my next protective styling which is due soon.

I my head is mix with all hair  types from 3c to 4b in different area of my head. At the back of my head I have very tight curls like a circle or an eight, the front is much more loser like a S and they be doing their own thing. In the middle I have 4b can’t really see any defined curls without products.

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.26

LOL forget my frog eyes 😛

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 12.00

Here you go 🙂

Bilde tatt 14.09.14 kl. 18.37

Freshly washed, still has water dripping from it.

Bilde tatt 14.09.14 kl. 18.38

I see you 😉

Bilde tatt 14.09.14 kl. 18.42

Yes one of my favorite leave-in it smell like heaven.

Bilde tatt 14.09.14 kl. 18.46

Back in twist to air-dry.

I really don’t care that much about what hair type I have as long as its healthy.

All that matters is the care. Hope this helps.

PS: I’m still living in stone age with my phone, bear with my pictures I promise they will get better lol

Love always



Hey Loves

As I posted yesterday..I finally took down my sew-in after six week which is two weeks less than usual. I normally keep it in for about 8 weeks.

I was so disappointed after I took down my braid, words can not express how annoyed I am. Everything about the sew-in was wrong to the max. I sewing was to tight, the braids were too small and tight, due to all that I mistakenly cut off some my hair. and after taking down my braid I could just see my hair pulling out like for real. I have lost 2 month of hair growth and it hurts big time 😦

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47

I mean I know its just hair and that it will grow back, or maybe for some people length doesn’t matter. But for me it does, and I would like to think that all the work, time and energy I put into growing healthy hair is worth it. And I do like to see results I mean who doesn’t? I hurt to see that Im still at the same length I was three months ago 😦

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47 #2

Leason learned. I am the type that tell people who are doing my hair how it should be done, but for some reason that day wasn’t it, I didn’t feel the hair pulling but I knew they were too small. I have never lost this much hair unless am cutting it willingly. 

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 12.15 #2

Now this is what I’m used to seeing after protective style. 


When doing protective style make sure who every is doing your hair know exactly how you want it and is listening to what you have to say. Your braids should be  and the sewing shouldn’t be too tight have less stress on your hair.


Hopefully I will get over this depression soon.

Love always 




Hey Dolls:-)

 I had my protective style ( sew-in) 6 (six) weeks ago and I finally took it down today..yeey how I have missed my hair.

I always do a major treatment after every protective style. After every protective style I do a pre-poo over night before shampooing my hair. Which means I apply enough coconut oil firstly to my hair massage through it and leave it in over night. This is performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the drying shampoo process.


Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 18.04

This is the Coconut oil use for my pre-poo. It’s found in “LIFE or SUNKOST” any organic store. I bought this sometime April of last year when I did my big chop. it’s about 250kr and its really big, still have 2-3 month to go with it lol.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 18.12

After I take off my sew-in I immediately apply coconut oil to my braids, it makes taking the braid out easier and  keep it less tangled. 

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.25 #2

After that I saturate my hair into 4 (four) sections and carefully apply to each section.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.47

I than put them into twist…lol ( forgive my face the mood is not right, I lost a lot of hair and it hurts 😦 I will make a post about it soon)

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.49

I than cover with two shower caps. One is just fine but I love using two hihi.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.50 #2

I than tied it up for the night. Which leaves my hair soft and shining even after shampooing it.


Update on shampooing and deep-condition coming in a few.

Until next time.

Stay blessed.


Anti-Relaxer ???

Through the years  Natural hair has become more fashionable or should I say more of a statement for some, and I have seen many back and forth with comments, post or blogs on how some naturalistas feel about people with relaxed hair and I for once find it very funny. I mean at some point we were all in the same game, am I wrong ?

I am not the type that hate on people with relaxed hair or think just because someone relaxed their hair means that they don’t have “Good” hair. Everyone has their choices to make. Once the process is done properly and with proper care, one can actually achieve healthy hair. One thing that most of us suffers from is the fact that we do not take proper care of our own hair, which leads to breakage and more damage.

For me practicing healthy hair care leads to growth weather relaxed or Natural. Some people actually start their healthy hair journey when they are relaxed and slowly join into natural. Because relaxed hair is easier to maintain but need the most care because of the chemical.

If you think Relaxing your hair best suits you as a person thats just fine, built a hair care regime that will allow you to give your hair the best care possible. Being NATURAL or Relaxed should be a decision for you and nobody else, at the end of the day its your hair and your body.

I have read blogs, vlogs of people who are relaxed but still have healthy hair due the fact that they practice healthy hair care.

Do your research. Here are some links that might help and you can also find more on youtube.

Until next time

Stay Blessed