Hey Lovelies.

Being that the weather is nice today and summer is around the corner, I thought I should try doing Wash and go today. here is how it went, I didn’t shampoo my hair I just co-washed it, meaning I only used conditioner. Here are the products I used and My result……..


  1. Co-washed with my beautiful texture conditioner
  2. Apply beautiful tangle taming leaving-conditioner 
  3. IC Apply Fantasia Argan oil curl define creme
  4. seal with IC Fantasia Argan oil smoothing serum.

You can also use any product of your choice. I have been having these IC products for some time and now is the time to put them to use.


My hair freshly washed, before applying any product.


These are with products and dried. ūüôā

You can get these products at any afro shop price is between 100-160kr depending on the shop. I got mine at Y . S Afro Trondheim. At Fjordgate 62.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment ūüôā

Have a bless Sunday.





Hello Bees

Well well well I am finally 2 (two) years naturell YESS child. I could not wait to take out my protective style.




Its amazing how much I have learned, and still learning everyday. Length check coming soon, keep an eye out for that.

Happy new week ūüôā


Hey Lovelies.

Here is one of two, of my most favorite products that I have been using since day one, I started my hair journey and I am addicted. These products leaves my hair feeling so soft and moisture, or as I call it feeling fine and funky haha.


I don’t even where to start, I am so in love with this product and not only the leave in, I do use set from the product line( shampoo, deep conditioner etc I will be doing be review on them later on). It doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy at all. It gives my hair the shine that it needs, moisture and oh the smell is AMAZING, I have ¬†NEVER run out ¬†since I started using it. It’s a MOST have for me.


This product is for mixed texture hair, curly, wavy, kinky-coily, frizzy. It also unlock tangles, tame frizzies, nourish curls. It contain Aloe Vera, coconut, olive, soy, Argan oil, Shea and mango butter yes all the good stuff for moisturizing your hair..

The price is between 120-160 kr (in Norway) depending on the store that you purchase from. It can be found at most Afro salons.

Let me know your thoughts, Have you tired this product or any other product from this line?

Love Always



I started taking vitamins for my overall body health because obviously I had done some damages in there some where haha. I had been to my doctor few months back when I suffering from acne, and I was told to take Iron and vitamin D3. I didn’t really pay any mind, I mean she was talking about me taking medicine… tablets oh ¬†Lord knows I and medicine don’t go well together.

This time around I had no choice I went on a journey to finding supplements with natural ingredients. I found them at LIFE boutique, I first started talking iron, one tablet a day with a  glass of orange juice cause I heard they work well together haha.



These are the ones I got, I also take vitamin E, Calcium and my bee pollen, Not just for hair but my health as well. I must say they are really helping me, my skin looks much better.

I also do black tea rinse after and before every protective style to strengthen my hair and prevents shedding.


This the tea I use for my tea rinse its the cheapest, you don’t really need an expensive tea for that, and oh I also put garlic to my deep treatment.

NB! I am not a doctor or a hair specialist, therefor I recommend a doctor visit before taking any medicated proscriptions. Keep in mind that the body works and respond to things differently, and remember that being healthy within will definitely reflect on your skin and hair. Take my experience and learn from it.

Love Always



Hey lovelies!

Sometime last year I made a post called PROTECTIVE STYLE GONE WRONG,¬†about how much hair was falling from my scalp every time I tried combing, washing or just putting my hands in my hair. What I didn’t go into was how it all started.

Here we go, sometime last year I started taking a hair grow pill ( hair vitamin) that a friend brought for me last year summer. ¬†I have actually heard a lot of positive things about this vitamin on all social media platforms, so I decided to give this pill a try, and when I say ” a try” I actually ordered 12 months supply yes 12 whole months.¬†Don’t blame me I thought I was going to get the same result as most people, you know like grow my hair twice as long than the usual.

Before I started taking the pills I had my hair in protective style, I kept it in for two months and during that time I was also taking the 2 capsule a day. I was expecting to breakout because that was what most people said was the CONS due to the biotin in the pill, but that didn’t happen to me, maybe because I drank like 3liters of water a day, but instead after taking down my protective style I could just see my damn hair falling out from my scalp. This wasn’t breakage but shedding and the amount of hair that I shed was abnormal. I cried for hours………………

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47 #2

This was just half of it, I couldn’t get all of it. I¬†immediately stopped taking the pills but my hair continued to shed, my hair became very thin as it continued to shed. So I started doing research, I even stopped doing protective style for months but still.

Its was few months ago that I found solution to my shedding. Post will be up next week on how I stopped my hair from shedding as much, Watch out for it. Have a blessed weekend ūüôā

Love always



Hey lovelies

I have gotten lots of questions about vitamins and the type that I use. Here is what I have been taking for the longest yet and I intend to stick with it. I stated taking bee pollen at the very beginning of 2k14 when I was in search for products that could help me with my acne issue that I had at the time. I started taking  bee pollen meanly for my overall health, it was not about hair, after a few months in I noticed that my hair was actually growing a lot faster, and my skin was also getting better. I have been stuck with it since.

NB! Now keep in mind that everyone might not get the same result from the intake of bee pollen, because we are all different and our body respond to things differently. Do not get your hopes up that your hair will grow over night when taking bee pollen. Know that it take more than that, how you care of your hair also have a lot to with it. It only help to PROMOTE healthy body and if you are healthy inside it will show on the outside.

IMG_0111IMG_0109 Pros                                           Cons

Organic                                     Smell & Taste


Works as multivitamin

Promote healthier skin

hair growth

weight lost etc


Bee Pollen / Bipollen (norwegian name) Can be found at Life or Sunkost, the price is between 200-300 krone. I have seen two brands and I have tried both, but this my favorite. I take one tea spoon a day, if you are like me and can’t stand smell ? I mix it in a cup of orange juice, yogurt or smoothie to take. It is easier that way.


Bee pollen is a good nutritional source for drone bees. It has been described as ‚Äúnature’s perfect food‚ÄĚ and is a highly concentrated food source containing a complex supply of quality nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and AMINO ACIDS, and contains approximately 30% protein, 55% carbohydrate, 1% to 2% fat, and 3% minerals and trace vitamins. Vitamin C concentrations of 3.6% to 5.9% also have been found in some pollen samples. Promotional literature lists almost 100 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other compounds identified in bee pollen. Bee pollen preparations often contain mixtures of pollens from diverse types of plants, and these pollens vary with the geographic origin of the material.

Have a lovely weekend ūüôā

Luv Always



                                                        HEY LUVS!

¬†It has been a¬†minute since my last post, and I just want to say that I am so very sorry about that, I¬†didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Time hasn’t been on my side since my last post.



So from the end of 2014 I decided that I was going to enter 2015 with even healthier hair, so I gave my hair a good trim at the beginning of January. I trimmed about 2 inches off my ends because my ends where just looking off.

Bilde tatt 25.01.15 kl. 12.55 #3Bilde tatt 25.01.15 kl. 12.55

This was before my trim, as you can see it was really needed! I only trim when it is needed, therefor I have no time frame on when it should be done or how long it should take.

  • Healthier hair
  • retaining¬†length/beining patient with my hair
  • thicker hair
  • learning more about healthy hair.


My last treatment ¬†before installing my protective style, I couldn’t get all the hair in the pic!




Crochet weave done by yours truly. It looks real doesn’t it ? haha I have had people asking me if it is my real hair. #Winks I make a post about it soon.


I made it in the way that I an actually part it anywhere I want.

Both style  installed my me, and I keep it in for about 4-8 weeks.

Updates about my previous post will be up soon, Both about the castor oil and my shedding. I am also trying some new products that I am loving and I can’t wait to share with you.

I now have a better phone which means better picture haha, no more cam pic and I plan on taking the blogging seriously, post and update as often as I can. I plan on investing in a good camera sometime soon. I will be posting some short video on my instagram, being that I often get questions about how I apply products etc. I am really not into making videos for the blog yet so feel free to follow me on instagram: @kinks2adore or you can find it on the home ————->.


Lia :*