I started taking vitamins for my overall body health because obviously I had done some damages in there some where haha. I had been to my doctor few months back when I suffering from acne, and I was told to take Iron and vitamin D3. I didn’t really pay any mind, I mean she was talking about me taking medicine… tablets oh  Lord knows I and medicine don’t go well together.

This time around I had no choice I went on a journey to finding supplements with natural ingredients. I found them at LIFE boutique, I first started talking iron, one tablet a day with a  glass of orange juice cause I heard they work well together haha.



These are the ones I got, I also take vitamin E, Calcium and my bee pollen, Not just for hair but my health as well. I must say they are really helping me, my skin looks much better.

I also do black tea rinse after and before every protective style to strengthen my hair and prevents shedding.


This the tea I use for my tea rinse its the cheapest, you don’t really need an expensive tea for that, and oh I also put garlic to my deep treatment.

NB! I am not a doctor or a hair specialist, therefor I recommend a doctor visit before taking any medicated proscriptions. Keep in mind that the body works and respond to things differently, and remember that being healthy within will definitely reflect on your skin and hair. Take my experience and learn from it.

Love Always



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