Hey lovelies!

Sometime last year I made a post called PROTECTIVE STYLE GONE WRONG, about how much hair was falling from my scalp every time I tried combing, washing or just putting my hands in my hair. What I didn’t go into was how it all started.

Here we go, sometime last year I started taking a hair grow pill ( hair vitamin) that a friend brought for me last year summer.  I have actually heard a lot of positive things about this vitamin on all social media platforms, so I decided to give this pill a try, and when I say ” a try” I actually ordered 12 months supply yes 12 whole months. Don’t blame me I thought I was going to get the same result as most people, you know like grow my hair twice as long than the usual.

Before I started taking the pills I had my hair in protective style, I kept it in for two months and during that time I was also taking the 2 capsule a day. I was expecting to breakout because that was what most people said was the CONS due to the biotin in the pill, but that didn’t happen to me, maybe because I drank like 3liters of water a day, but instead after taking down my protective style I could just see my damn hair falling out from my scalp. This wasn’t breakage but shedding and the amount of hair that I shed was abnormal. I cried for hours………………

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47 #2

This was just half of it, I couldn’t get all of it. I immediately stopped taking the pills but my hair continued to shed, my hair became very thin as it continued to shed. So I started doing research, I even stopped doing protective style for months but still.

Its was few months ago that I found solution to my shedding. Post will be up next week on how I stopped my hair from shedding as much, Watch out for it. Have a blessed weekend 🙂

Love always



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