Hey luvs.

Its Friday I know 😀 I am about to do some protein treatment and while I am at it, I thought it wise to to a quick length check.

Excuse my lighting lol I will probably do a better one before doing a protective style.

Castor oil challenge is about to start in less than a week..are you joining me ?

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.08 #2

I think that is bra strip length or nah ? 😛

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.06

Right hand side

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.07

What ever that is 🙂

Bilde tatt 24.10.14 kl. 18.05

the front.

If you are interested in knowing  how I make my home made protein treatment comment below and will make it happen.

And yes due to my shedding, I have spend the last few days doing some research and I found some recommendations that I will be trying out. I will keep you updated on my progress as well 🙂

My next goal is to grow thicker hair, lets see how that goes.

For any question leave a comment 🙂

Have a blessed weekend.

Love always

– Jay


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