Jamaican Black Castor Oil ( JBCO)

Heey Luvs 🙂

Been a minute since my last post I know, I’ve been very busy.

But yeah we are in the middle of October now and the temperature is getting colder by the minute, as I posted before winter is the time for heavy products and I love using my Castor Oil. I planed on start a castor oil challenge from the 01.11.14 until…. well when I see sun again haha.

The time is getting closer and guess what ???

My bottles of Castor oil got in today..yeey… and I’m so excited. Just in time that I’m about to take down my protective style. 😀

Bilde tatt 15.10.14 kl. 15.08

This is the brand I’m going to be using. Details on how I intend to apply it will be updated later, when I have enough time on hand.  Lets just say every hair product I use from november on through out the winter will be mix with castor oil, oil rinse, hot oil treatment etc.

If you wish to join me, you are welcome to use any brand of your choice. For any questions feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Bilde tatt 15.10.14 kl. 15.08 #2

Until next time..Stay blessed.

Love always



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