Hey Loves

As I posted yesterday..I finally took down my sew-in after six week which is two weeks less than usual. I normally keep it in for about 8 weeks.

I was so disappointed after I took down my braid, words can not express how annoyed I am. Everything about the sew-in was wrong to the max. I sewing was to tight, the braids were too small and tight, due to all that I mistakenly cut off some my hair. and after taking down my braid I could just see my hair pulling out like for real. I have lost 2 month of hair growth and it hurts big time 😦

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47

I mean I know its just hair and that it will grow back, or maybe for some people length doesn’t matter. But for me it does, and I would like to think that all the work, time and energy I put into growing healthy hair is worth it. And I do like to see results I mean who doesn’t? I hurt to see that Im still at the same length I was three months ago 😦

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 11.47 #2

Leason learned. I am the type that tell people who are doing my hair how it should be done, but for some reason that day wasn’t it, I didn’t feel the hair pulling but I knew they were too small. I have never lost this much hair unless am cutting it willingly. 

Bilde tatt 02.09.14 kl. 12.15 #2

Now this is what I’m used to seeing after protective style. 


When doing protective style make sure who every is doing your hair know exactly how you want it and is listening to what you have to say. Your braids should be  and the sewing shouldn’t be too tight have less stress on your hair.


Hopefully I will get over this depression soon.

Love always 




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