Hey Dolls:-)

 I had my protective style ( sew-in) 6 (six) weeks ago and I finally took it down today..yeey how I have missed my hair.

I always do a major treatment after every protective style. After every protective style I do a pre-poo over night before shampooing my hair. Which means I apply enough coconut oil firstly to my hair massage through it and leave it in over night. This is performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the drying shampoo process.


Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 18.04

This is the Coconut oil use for my pre-poo. It’s found in “LIFE or SUNKOST” any organic store. I bought this sometime April of last year when I did my big chop. it’s about 250kr and its really big, still have 2-3 month to go with it lol.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 18.12

After I take off my sew-in I immediately apply coconut oil to my braids, it makes taking the braid out easier and  keep it less tangled. 

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.25 #2

After that I saturate my hair into 4 (four) sections and carefully apply to each section.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.47

I than put them into twist…lol ( forgive my face the mood is not right, I lost a lot of hair and it hurts 😦 I will make a post about it soon)

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.49

I than cover with two shower caps. One is just fine but I love using two hihi.

Bilde tatt 01.09.14 kl. 19.50 #2

I than tied it up for the night. Which leaves my hair soft and shining even after shampooing it.


Update on shampooing and deep-condition coming in a few.

Until next time.

Stay blessed.




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