Anti-Relaxer ???

Through the years  Natural hair has become more fashionable or should I say more of a statement for some, and I have seen many back and forth with comments, post or blogs on how some naturalistas feel about people with relaxed hair and I for once find it very funny. I mean at some point we were all in the same game, am I wrong ?

I am not the type that hate on people with relaxed hair or think just because someone relaxed their hair means that they don’t have “Good” hair. Everyone has their choices to make. Once the process is done properly and with proper care, one can actually achieve healthy hair. One thing that most of us suffers from is the fact that we do not take proper care of our own hair, which leads to breakage and more damage.

For me practicing healthy hair care leads to growth weather relaxed or Natural. Some people actually start their healthy hair journey when they are relaxed and slowly join into natural. Because relaxed hair is easier to maintain but need the most care because of the chemical.

If you think Relaxing your hair best suits you as a person thats just fine, built a hair care regime that will allow you to give your hair the best care possible. Being NATURAL or Relaxed should be a decision for you and nobody else, at the end of the day its your hair and your body.

I have read blogs, vlogs of people who are relaxed but still have healthy hair due the fact that they practice healthy hair care.

Do your research. Here are some links that might help and you can also find more on youtube.

Until next time

Stay Blessed



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