Hey Loves..

As we know or started noticing the cold is around the corner. Which means that it is time for more protective styling and hair  care updates.

As some of you may know, I do not leave my hair out during winter/cold-weather. When I’m having a break between my protective style (something I do after every protective style. I take a week break, during that time I make sure to treat my hair, deep-condition , well moisture before my next protective style) I use Head-Wrap.

During the cold season I meanly use My shea butter mix (self made) and Black Jamaican Castro Oil (HEAVY OIL).

I am going to do a Castro Oil challenge this winter AND EVERYONE/ANYONE CAN JOIN ME IF YOU LIKE.

I did it for two (2) months last winter despite that I was not consistent I still DID see growth, so this time around I will do it winter.

The challenge will be starting in October/November period, I will do a length check before the challenge, Products and how I intend to go about it will be updated. There will also be a length after the challenge, updates etc.


This is Castor Oil they do other labels but you can definitely which ever one you pleased .

Till next time

Stay Blessed



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