Confession confession ……..I am a lazy naturalista…….Yes I am and Protectives styling is my bestfrind.

Between school and work I mostly don’t have the time to take extra hours very often to style my natural hair as I would love to, therefor I often have my hair in braids or sew-in depending on the time of the year. Living in Norway the struggle on African texture hair is real, because when it’s winter IT IS WINTER FOR REAL down here no joke. I use sew-in extensions during winter and I do not leave hair out at all, I put everything in lol due to the fact that I don’t do heat and this girl can’t have her hair looking ratchet nah. Glory be to God my mum knows the perfect way to sew my extension or else I don’t know what I would have done since I actually do not trust anyone with my hair since I went natural, just because most salon don’t have the patience or ideal on how to treat natural hair.


The size of my braids I usually do, not smaller than this.

Before installing any protective style I make sure that my hair is clean and well moisture. When I have my extension in, I keep it for about 8 (eight ) weeks, if at all I manage to reach the 8 weeks lol I tend to get bored with hair style quickly. During the time of my protective style being install I make sure that I moisturize my hair at least once a week. I have a sprays bottle that I use for my protective style moisturizer, In there I mix my water, oil, favorite leave-in condition and Aloe vera juice. When I install braids it is easier to use the sprays bottle to spray my hair, and when I install my sew-in I use my applicator bottle with the same mixer. I wash my hair when I feel like it need to be washed, when ever there is product built up.


I couldn’t get a better pic to show the closing part. 😦

During my protective style installation I make sure to inform who ever the stylist is on how I want my hair braided. I always braid my hair loosely and I leave most of my edges out of the braid, because they are easier to get pulled out if you install your style tightly and you could losing your edges.

When taking down my protective style I make sure that I do it on the day that I have the most time and patience on hand. In that way I can be more careful with my hair to prevent losing more hair than I should. More time to give my hair that extra tender loving and care for the time that it’s been missed hahaha.

There will be a post sometime soon on how I take down my protective style and what I do after taking down protective style soon. Cause I have my sew-in ATM and will be taking it down sometime soon.


My Fro earlier this Year..thihi 🙂

Until next time Stay blessed.

Love always



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