Hey loves

Just want to share with you guys some of my thoughts and expectations on AFRICAN HAIR before I went NATURAL and actually started learning and caring for my own hair.

To start with I have always thought that ALL African had the same hair type, I mean could black people hair look soft and smooths without relaxer or heat? mhm and taking care of it had to be the real struggle. I know for once that growing up I wasn’t the type that like water touching my hair let alone combing it, with all that hair I had on my head it was serious war hahah.

The most shocking thing I learning was the fact that WATER was the mean factor for moisturizing hair and than OIL wow. Right at that Point I started asking forgiveness, I was like grandma forgive me lol. You know how our African grandmothers are, she used to wash my hair rub the palm-kinna oil or donut grease (Shea butter) in it, I remember I used cry all day just because I didn’t like the smell of it not know the benefit of what she was doing.

I have learn so much through the year by reading and experiment new things on my hair. Finding out what works for my hair or doesn’t, and you can only do that by trying it out your self.

blog black and white

Few things to keep in mind.

  • Before taking the step of going Natural or growing healthy hair, keep in mind that it is a decision that you will have make for your self and for YOU not because everyone is doing it , or you might have a fall back in your journey.
  • Prepare yourself for the unexpected, not everything will workout the way you planed or intended to. And just because its not the way you want it that doesn’t mean that it is not good enough.
  • Not everything that works for other people will work for you. Other people’s hair might react differently to products than yours. So find your own products, its a try and fail thing try products that you like find out if it works for you.
  • YOUR HAIR can not and will not look like everybody else hair. You are your own individual, different gene that defines you so yes of course you are different. So expecting that your hair will look curly, kinky or coils like some youtuber  or vloger or bloger you have seen, will lead to disappointment.
  • SELF LOVE is all about you, love your self and your journey. Enjoy every moment and have fun with it. Don’t be in a hurry of growing it out, it takes time and with patience you just might be surprised. 🙂

IMG_0166_Fotor twist

My hair in twist to air-dry. 😛


frolove is real 🙂

Have a bless Sunday

Love always




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