Hey Loves 🙂

From where I stop yesterday, after what call my LAST relaxer and had my sew-in Brazilian extension for about a month as always I was on the internet looking for a new hair style /ideal. There I was on google browsing through footage but found nothing. But your girl was not giving up, I had to find something I mean I had to get my hair done. So I went over to YOUTUBE looking for something I didn’t lost as African people would say haha. As I search for African hair style DANG….. DANG I came across Longhairdontcare2011 daughter ladybug video of her hair, that was an eye opener for me. I watched all her videos that night hahah I was inspired. From that moment I decided that I was going natural. When I told my mum the first she reaction was ” but how will you manage with your hair Julie” ? She knows me too well and she knew that when it came to hair I was very clueless. And I told her “just wait and see “.  She than said ” at least my hair them will rest in this shop now” hahaha. I started doing my research, I would watch videos from different vlogers, Read blogs almost everyday. I started my transition and also got myself prepare for the journey ahead of me.

IMG_4519_Fotor 0

This picture was taken few days before I cut my hair and the black hair was my new growth. As you can maybe see the brown colored braided up there lol.

IMG_5769_Fotor 2

Dang…..Dang…lol THE CUT  or mini big chop as I call it haha as you can see I still had some relaxed ends in some area but I had them trimmed as it grew out.

IMG_5496_Fotor 2

My very first twist, pay no mind to my forehead hihi. I had them in twist for two days and took it out than came the best twist out I have ever had.


Yeeeess child I was feeling my self..this twist -out lasted for about five days and I enjoyed every moment. #Winks

IMG_6185_Fotor 2

I first time I ever paid attention to my hair texture..After I cut out all the relaxed ends and colored hair. I realize that I actually had curl pattern, I had my hair freshly washed with no product and I could see CURLS, I got to know that my hair was not 4c like I had thought.

IMG_5823_Fotor 2

My first Fro…I was rocking it.


Slowly turning into Afrobombshell…picture was taken sometime last year. It keeps getting bigger 🙂

I hope you enjoy my post..there will be more coming.

Have a bless weekend.

Love always



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