Hey Loves,

This is my first post on my blog yeeeeeh and for starters I just want to share with you all how the decision of going back natural came about. Get some popcorn and drink and get comfy because this might take some time. (she smiles) I will try to make it as short as possible. 🙂

Growing up in The mother land (AFRICA)  Guinea my mother always had my hair in it natural stat no relaxer/ heat or extensions   and being that she does hair, I had my hair braided about once or twice a week. It was not any major braiding, mostly it was 5-6 twist or what we call small small American braids lol (my African people know that). I had my hair wash once a month cause as a child. I and water were never best of friends plus with a hair like my it was not an easy job.

I had my very first relaxer at the age of 13, due to the fact that I was unable to maintained my hair and it was an easy way out for me. I remembered I actually had two boxes of relaxer haha. And that was the beginning of it all, I had my hair retouched once every three months with kids relaxer up to the age of 16 years. After that point I had to go over to adult ones because the kids relaxer wasn’t working for me anymore, and I started having struggles with getting my hair relaxed at all. When ever my mum would relaxed my hair it was always that the roots and the ends of hair got relaxed but middle just wouldn’t no matter how long I sat with the relaxer in my hair lol. So each time she would have to use extra time after relaxing, with the blowdryer to try and soften the middle. As grown as I was at that age I was very clueless about hair, I mean I couldn’t even wash my own hair properly, I know shameful right haha.

Due to that of many issues I started getting my hair braided with extensions I mostly had cornrow cause raster would take me like forever to take off. From the age of 18 the real nightmare started, I mean I started relaxing my own hair, coloring it and with all colors you could think of. Sometimes I would relax my hair and color it right after, I mean I was grown and doing grown folks things as my mum would say. At some point I colored my hair black and I got purple due to the many colors I had in my hair before. But still at this point my hair still had some length, but it was tinning out, breaking and my edges were gone but I still didn’t care. haha

When Rihanna Cut was the business there came the beginning of something, It was in 2011 and I had my hair cut yes I did haha, I rocked that Riri style for months and got very bored after few months so one fine evening I asked a friend to cut off the whole thing. We cut it off and a few days later I had me a relaxer and I colored it again,and mind you I wasn’t living at home at the time ….sigh.

Bilde av afrobombshell__Fotor first

Weeks later I started braiding my hair again, you know me haha  I got bored with my hair once again since I was so clueless on what to with it or how to style it.

After that I grew my hair for a whole year,  but once again when I went back home for visit I got Brazilian hair from my mum and it was brown so I was tempted to go brown, being the person that I am..I went ahead and relaxed my hair and colored it brown, I know I know.. a girl was trying to look her best lol.


This is the pic I took right after I was done relaxing and coloring  Both done on the SAME day AND it turn out to be MY LAST RELAXER.

My next post will be about how I went natural. Stay tune.

Still we chat again stay bless and have a bless weekend :*

Love Always



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